Monday, February 13, 2006

Contributing Spirits...

Robert David Michael (Cerello) is an Objectivist philosopher, author and poet presently dividing time between San Diego, CA, US and Budapest. He writes voluminously on movies, economics, theater, psychology, ancient history, and enjoys creating new songs, perfecting new recipes, reading, walking, world travel, and guaranteeing his placement on NSA watch-lists with his trenchant views.

Felicia Florine Campbell is Professor of English at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is also Executive Director of the Far West Popular and American Culture Associations and edits The Popular Culture Review. In addition to sharing her splendid short stories with us, Dr. Campbell is also working on an authoritative edition of popular culture scholarship in an undisclosed location.

Elizabeth I. Riseden is retired from college teaching. She lives and writes happily in Carson City, Nevada, with many wild things surrounding her and a panorama of the Sierra Nevadas. To her, life is a constant source of wonder, as her poetry is to us.

Adam Henry Carriere lives, writes, and professes all manner of writing, humanities & communications in Las Vegas, but dreams in Bavaria, where he plans to celebrate the completion of his Ph.D. (which he hopes to begin in 2007, provided his computer is not taken into evidence by Federal authorities).

Issue Three - Music!
(submission finale - 22 Nov)

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