Monday, February 13, 2006

RDM's Manifesto for the Macabre

Why Danse Macabre?

We live in a world where America's self-styled leaders admit themselves (mysteriously or at least without any explanation they can accept) "in a permanent state of decline". Any sane mind facing such a vital enigma, one which threatened their unearned hold upon governmental force and their coercive power to reach millions with their plans (if any) would probably, we suggest, do two acts, by simple logic.

One action might be to resign, in favor of the man with the best explanation of, and strategy to reverse or at least bring to a halt said troubling and potentially ruinous "decline".

The second action might be to recognize that because of their paucity of ideas, or a plethora of wrong ones, they (the self-styled leaders) were in fact the source of that decline, for two reasons: Lack of ideas that work on Earth; and their monopolizing of governmental seats of power, from which--lacking all strategic capabilities, defined priorities, realistic philosophical principles and intellectually-honest (categorizing) definitions (plus their having no ability as fact-gatherers, monitors and defenders of individual's rights) they could only do more harm.

"The Macabre" was probably born, therefore, I suggest out of two fountainheads.

1. Out of a recognition that on "Star Trek", a projection of the future of the West's thinkers as Earth's leaders, Vulcan Mr. Spock,--derided, insulted, made the butt of jests for not thinking with his glands and for wanting defined words
that reflected life's complexities and not its hazy outward appearances--was HUMAN; and that the crew of that famous futuristic starship Enterprise (spaceship Urth?) were in fact something sadly and demonstrably less; and

2. That the way to fight a bad idea--the decline of the West--is with another and much better idea. This idea is: to confront non-human Nature--the real universe of space and time--and man's need for ideas that work therein on an individual basis. Instead of trying to work through pretend-infallible coercive leaders who block progress in every institution, avenue of thought, and media and instruction, what is needed is a Forum for the able-minded--for the responsible "free-thinker".

This idea may seem "macabre"--but only to worshipers of mechanical collectives or "dictator-over-obedients" structures. To anyone else, such as Americans, the idea of a Forum for fiction, objective non-fictional utterance, exchange and championing and challenge of ideas and of accounted-for evaluations might seem quite the thing to do.

Americans--not to be confused with present U.S. citizens--are after all, in whatever nation they reside, heirs to the idea that individuals should be categorical equals functioning within a "marketplace of lives", with governors acting only to protect their rights to function (under scientifically-drawn regulations setting standards for such interaction).

The rights of the individual under such an America--non-imperial--and very practical constitution would necessarily include individuals owning:
* a life--theirs.
* liberty (freedom from collectivization and public policy's dictators)
* the prioritization of their own investment of all life good they possess as "capital"; plus
* the distribution according to selfishly determined reasons of their created end-results as 'property' to whatever beneficiary they deem most deserving--not most needy nor most loudly demanding.

In the present state of the U.S.--"public interest" imperial presidency statism, we find a self-evident grotesque reversal and caricature of individualism. And of a government that was organized solely to secure rights to individuals and to assure their liberty to conduct reality-based scientific capitalism.

The actions of the honest-to-reality mind may seem "macabre" on the surface; but this will be only to those whose minds have been carefully taught to accept casual tyranny and shows of election and pretensions at institutions of justice--not their necessary and responsible reality.

But such actions--the categorical opposite of those of the (declining) Westerners' intellectual dishonesty and arbitrary power-mongering and their manifestly NOT dealing with reality--require us to ignore appearances in favor of a deeper truth.

We reject "Art for art's sake" as we reject "censored state art" and "all other attempts to argue that truth can proceed from or be checked against reality by more than one brain at at a time".

We of Danse Macabre intend to be ruthlessly honest, and to state our values in context of previously adduced standards; and we intend to have freedom to question anything, check the definition of any field, organization or movement; and further we reserve the right to agree with or to disagree with any proof, principle or rule of procedure on the basis of deciding "what works and what does not work in the secular theatre-of operations of space-time"--the only one we recognize.

* * *

To those we may offend, we say "Thank you in advance for proving how necessary we are".

To those who may agree with us, we say "Check your premises--we could be wrong and so could you."

To those who may disagree with us, we say "Check our premises and yours--you could be right but so could we."

To those who may want to contribute to our Forum, we say "Thank you in advance--for accepting the responsibility of providing value definitions before using value terms and for maintaining politeness--for blaming the opponent's ideas, not the opponent within this Forum."

To those who may want to subscribe, read in and participate in the Forum's maintained actions, we say "Well done! You're taking a risk, but perhaps in an important cause!"

And to ourselves and our participants we say, "If we would change the future, we must first comprehend the past and the present...otherwise we would be condemning ourselves not merely to repeat a troubled history but worse - to join those responsible for its condemnable misconduct and utterly unethical later rationalizations..."

In the country of the willful blind, the two-eyed man is an alien freak and the national enemy.

How deliciously macabre, we say. Bring on the fray. We welcome it...

RDM(C), flourished 1973.