Monday, February 13, 2006


If fanciful matters, out-of-the-ordinary places, and coloratura ideas appeal to the creative writer in you, Danse Macabre invites you to submit for future editions of this new online journal.

Edited and produced by Adam Henry Carriere, winner of the Nevada Arts Council 2006 Literary Arts Fellowship in Poetry, Danse Macabre seeks, if only modestly, to expand the imaginative landscape of the literary web and encourages submissions from one and all.

For upcoming issues, Danse Macabre welcomes all forms of poetry (2 pg max. each, limit 3 per month), flash and short-short fiction (limit-1000 words), and narratives, articles, and other literary ruminations on topics related to the Danse Macabre oeuvre.

E-mail your submissions as text in the body of your message (no attachments, please - too many evil spirits abound within them) with a short bio telling us about yourself & your writing. Though we may not be able to offer you comments on your work, we do promise to read everything you send with care and consideration, and to respond as soon as we can to your work. You will be notified if your work(s) is selected for posting. Our submissions address is

Danse Macabre welcomes your thoughts, your work, your future readership, and your enjoyment!